Local biker gang member and more.

Here you fill find a German/English translations for the curse words Hans has been using, as well as some extra ones.

Found this spreadsheet in Hans's place. Who knew he was good at excel. Dude should try for an office job.


All those handy-dandy google translators and applications that you got on your phone just couldn't translate the German gibberish Hans had been shouting at you time after time.

Stasi? Trottel? Ever wondered what all those words he said meant? 

Of course you did. As a the great detective that you are, you don't leave things half way only because they are complicated to obtain. 

Here is a rough translation of all the meanings of the words you've been wondering about. 

Hurensohn / son of a bitch

Köperklaus / someone who is really clumsy or handicapped

Spast / spastic

Schwachkopf / retard

Diggah, you for real now? / bro just more asocial

Fotze / cunt

Affenarsch / ape ass 

Trottel / someone who doesn’t see something obvious

Stasi / detective

Hackfresse / ugly as fuck

Schwuchtel / faggot

Unterentwickeltes Stück Scheiße / underevolved piece of shit

Schnüffler / curios/spy



White Serpents.