10 Temptations
More about each of our temptations

Leon's beautiful fiancee. 

She is smart, well behaved and of high breeding. She knows her price so long as it doesn’t come down to his fiancee who, with the lack of time, has neglected her so much that she thinks it's her fault that she isn't his wife yet. Seems like she engages in quite the amount of plastic surgery. Might this be why?

Good traits: Probably the most beautiful woman you have ever seen.

Not as good traits: Club... Too often.


She got married to a famous comedian and spends her husbands money for a living.

Easy going, flirty girl who thinks that she can make anyone happy. Not very bright, not very good at anything. She wanted to marry Leon but settled for Owen, who fell in love with her girly nature long back in high-school. She thinks that nobody is good enough for Leon but her, though.

Good traits: Redhead. Everyone likes redheads. 

Not as good traits: Too interested in Leon's personal business.



Famous producer.

He has more work than he has hours in his day, so he is oblivious to many people matters that happen in his life. For example, all the girls that like him and would do anything for him - he is sure they are just friends who also enjoy his fiance's company. 

Buried in his work he still finds time to think about his deceased grandfather and the legacy he has left him. It’s not much, just some papers with unreadable hieroglyphs, but he has been told that they contain a key to a treasure.

Good traits: Gets down to the business right away.

Best traits: He is our client and he pays us big cash. 



German biker gang member.

Racist, drug dealer, rude, but has kind a heart. Might be wearing a bulletproof west for all you know though, so it might prove to be hard to get to his heart. He doesn’t like dishing.

Good traits: Treats his friends well. What's left to find is his friends.

Bad traits: Very rude.

Even worse traits: Won't think twice before showing you the middle finger. Or his fist in your face.



Local pawn shop worker.

Judging from his conversations with Romero, he is a very sarcastic person who hates his life. Maybe he should find a different job then. 

Good traits: He has a job.

Not as good traits: What do we even know about him?



Author of many books

Person who was assigned with the task of deciphering Leon’s grandfathers manuscripts from Egypt. His grandfather was a war veteran who flew to Egypt and obtained those manuscripts there. He dropped some hints about them containing treasure.

Good traits: Very serious and responsible person with great attention to details.

Not as good traits: Too gullible with girls.


"Diamond limo" owner.

Leon’s limo driver. Shady guy, nobody knows what you can expect from him. He will engage in any business as long as it pays.

Good traits: Will do anything for some money.

Not as good traits: Will do anything for big money.



Hard working son of a rich Chinese criminal authority.

Proud owner of a Chinese restaurant "Golden Goose"

Good traits: Has a kind heart and always protects his friends.

Not as good traits: Doesn’t talk much.


Leon's overprotective aunt. 

Tough woman who has lived a long life. She isn’t afraid to tell anything about anyone. She is like Wikipedia - an open book for everyone to read.

Good traits: Will tell you anything that she knows and she knows alot.

Not as good traits: A lot of what she knows is unproven gossip.


Popular rock singer.

She is in love with her ex boyfriend Leon, but respects him and his choices, so stays as a good friend to him. She wants him to be happy.

Good traits: Funny, cunning, kind.

Bad traits: Rock singers often engage in illegal activity and indulgences.


Comedian, all he does is joke around. 

In high school he was bullied because of him being overweight and black. He took up jokes as a self-defence mechanism, but it ended up working out in his favor.

The world is his stage and he is going to claim the stage for himself.

Good traits: The nicest guy you will ever meet.

Not as good traits: Isn't serious. Eats and drinks excessively. 



Our personal star-reader. Assistant. Oracle. Astrologist. Call her what you will, but she can help you out of any pinch. 

Horoscope: You are breathing right now

People: How did the stars know that?

Good traits: If you believe in astrology and horoscopes then her existence alone is the best thing you can wish for.

Not as good traits: Is astrology even a science?